We are equipped with quality tyre fitting and balancing machines. We can remedy all tyre wear or handling problems for larger vehicles using our quality wheel alignment machine on our wide body hoist.

We stock GT radials and Bridgestone tyres but we can access all brands of tyres at competitive prices, especially Continental tyres.

Tyre condition is critical to both vehicle safety and performance. We can check your tyres and recommend tyre brands to suit your driving needs.

Tread and tyre pressure are the two critical factors to tyre safety. Tyre tread will help your vehicle to grip the road surface when braking and cornering. Driving on under-inflated tyres will use more fuel, while driving on over-inflated tyres can affect vehicle handling and overall wear.

Tyres are checked during all vehicle services.

Did you know: Legally, treads must be at least 1.5mm deep across three quarters of the tread pattern around the entire tyre. However, if you have tread depth indicators in the principal grooves then you must have at least 1.5mm tread depth in these areas.

Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignments are important to the handling of your car; they also improve fuel economy and extend tyre life

What We Do

We adjust all four wheels so they are parallel to each other. This is done using the latest laser technology which produces a sensor zone around the vehicle and highlights any steering or suspension faults.

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